Monday, January 2, 2012

Going Primal

I have a few years worth of history (on this blog alone) concerning my semi-vegan, vegetarian experiences and learning. So it might seem slightly hypocritical to say I'm going Primal (not to be confused with the similar Paleo diet). I am a firm believer in life seasons and learning. After I had my 3rd darling little, I started my mostly-vegan journey and dropped weight like there was no tomorrow. I did P90X and got down to 155 (which at 5'8" and a rather amazonian build is a fairly big deal for me). It was at that very space in time that I was surprised with my 4th pregnancy. Since my last daughter was born, the same diet has not done the same thing. It isn't what I thrive on anymore. My body chemistry has changed. I crave sugar regularly, I'm tired almost all the time, and I can't lose a pound to save my life. My husband has never stopped having worsening allergy problems, chronic headaches and fatigue no matter what lifestyle/diet we've had, and he's a sugar addict of the monstrous sort! My children are taking after their dad in the sugar addiction field and I won't have it anymore. So we're trying something new. It's a gene-reprogramming transformation program to turn us into "fat-burning beasts"! Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint 21-day Total Body Transformation Challenge.
I can do anything for 21 days right? No sweat!... Well... there will be some sweat involved, but it won't be over missing bread. :)
I've been loving the Mark's Daily Apple Blog. There are some great explanations of the science behind the Primal/Paleo lifestyle there on the blog itself but I highly recommend Mark's books for the deep down dirty inner workings of it all. The awesome success stories of those that have gone Primal are inspiring. I want in.

So here we go! My pantry, fridge and freezer are purged of all sweeteners, processed foods, grains and legumes. They are all feeling fresh, clean and rather naked. I'm off to find some good organic veg, fruits, free-range meats and eggs, and raw, organic fat-filled dairy. Go Grok!

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That's great. Good Luck!