Sunday, January 15, 2012

Primal Day 14- Results and Decompression

Two weeks down! This past week only got more dramatic, with more family crisis and people in need. The old me would have been wound up and in constant tears. Instead I found myself calm and collected, able to address problems and do what needed to be done. I've felt beautifully calm and capable despite loads of driving time, extra children in my home (distraught ones at that), lots of extra work and emotions running high all around me. I have no doubt part of that is blessings from above. I also have no doubt that the Primal lifestyle- stabilized blood sugar, plentiful fat- nourishing neural pathways and balancing hormones, has had a large part to do with it as well. Every so often, my emotions decompress and I have a grumpy bout or a good cry, but for the most part I feel amazingly stable and great.

I allowed myself to step on the scale last night for the first time this week, expecting to find that the time of the month and the stressful week would have taken effect. I have done very little purposeful exercise this week- though a lot of kid-lifting, carrying and walking have been done, so I thought that was another strike against me. Not so. I was happily shocked to find the weight still sliding off effortlessly. In two weeks I've lost eight pounds! Whilst drinking shots of heavy cream for snacks and gobbling down bacon and eggs almost every day (and plently of fresh veg with moderate fresh fruit too- let's not forget those). Fat is definitely my friend.

Today my baby brother spoke in church- a report on his LDS mission in Seattle for the past 2 years. (He was amazing!!) Afterwards, there was food to be had. I knew that sweets would abound, as would pasta salads, chips, crackers, and white rolls. I went proactive and brought trays of Primal food- bacon wrapped water chestnuts, mini caprese skewers, cucumbers with herbed cream cheese, and a giant tray of veg. There were of course loads of the other stuff, but there was also shrimp cocktail and meats, cheeses and fruits. We allowed the kids a treat or two, but refrained from all the non-primal fare ourselves. I can only speak for myself, but it was EASY! I wasn't even tempted and I didn't feel deprived in the least. My body did not care for the sugar and grain in the room. I LOVE THAT!! No mindless munching- only mindful enjoyment.

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