Saturday, January 7, 2012

Primal Day 6 (Catch up!)

I have some catching up to do. In short, I feel awesome. No more exhausted stupor. My energy levels are pretty consistent and I rarely feel hungry. (And when I do, I eat!)
I'm progressing on my PEM #s! Yay me! I just finished a nicely active morning of lifting heavy things- unloading the Bountiful Baskets co-op truck and helping to divvy up the spoils at top speeds (since the truck was SO late), followed by an amazingly fun session of Suspend and Bend Yoga. The weather suddenly figured out what month is was sometime during the night, so swinging like a bird from the ceiling of a warm room while watching the snow fly outside the window was surreal and magical. I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud. We've upped the fat in our diets so that no one is stopped up anymore and I for one am feeling more consistently happy. I watched the documentary Fat Head the other day, so now I understand why that is! (If you haven't watched it, do- it is on Netflix for those of you that. The second half is particularly educational.
It the past few days, we've eaten like kings... or... cave-kings. Chicken Bacon Brussels Sprout Soup, beef ribs, and our Primal Celebration Feast of Chicken Vegetable Curry over cauliflower "rice", with baked Spiced Vanilla Butter Pears and whipped cream (unsweetened) for dessert. It was so fun to be with Sara and Jason and family, and while their little Hazel didn't love the curry, the other kids gobbled it up and asked for more. Lovely friends and great conversation. Mornings have been abundant with bacon, eggs, Coconut German Pancakes with Spiced Apple Butter, fried eggs over roasted asparagus with bacon, Primal Pancakes, and veggie scrambled eggs.
I don't miss sugar and grains for the most part. I do miss the occasional drizzle of raw honey, which after we finish the challenge will definitely be re-entering our house.
The other day I looked in the mirror and was pretty gobsmacked by how healthy my skin looked! I've noticed the hubs face looking healthier too. I feel strong and healthy and (slowly but steadily)increasingly trimmer. I've lost about 5 pounds in the past week and while I fluctuate often, I feel good about that.
My kids are willingly immersed in the Primal lifestyle- with awesome food, more family togetherness and more outings and play time, who wouldn't be?? I've let them use their own discretion at school regarding treats from classmates and teachers (there are so many! Gah!). And while our oldest (9 1/2) has indulged a few times, our 6 year old has refused almost all treats graciously. I've been so impressed. It has been a gradual change, but my girls are much more reasonable and less tantrum-y this week than last. I have no doubt it's due to our diet changes!
I do wish that our Grand Adventure for today hadn't been waylaid by snow, but it looks like we may just have to go out and play in it!

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