Friday, January 27, 2012

Finished 21 day challenge and beyond!

We finished up the 21 day challenge on Sunday. Even amidst family gatherings and carbs galore, the hubs and I stayed oh so true. It wasn't very hard.
I'm 10 lbs down and feeling strong!
We took "after" pics to compare to our before shots and I can actually see a difference! In 3 weeks! My collar bones show, my legs and butt have tightened up, my arms are smoothing out some, and my abs are on their way out to say hi! The pictures may or may not get posted as we originally intended them as personal journal keeping, and I don't relish the thought of putting bikini pics of me on my blog. Maybe if/when I get crazy amazing results and look fabulous in a bikini. :)
I keep meaning to post recipes, but there have been so many great ones that I've lost track!
I must say, there is something strangely empowering about making ones own mayonnaise. I added lemon essential oil and dill to go with my tuna and cucumbers on romaine lettuce. DELISH!
I also delved into satisfying my children's requests for primal sandwich bread and muffins. Some tweaks need to be made, but we're getting there- no cheats involved!

It is looking more and more like we are in this for the long haul. "Cheats" aren't fun and don't satisfy. I can taste chemicals in things now, and just a little wheat can cause a lot of gassy, yucky toilet time. I am enjoying the REAL food and energy that I have all the time now. I love not feeling hungry, snacky or crave-y constantly! It is majorly empowering to not revolve around eating!
Ironically, I am now going to post a link to a movie about FOOD. It is excellent. And you can watch it for free through Feb 1st.
Watch FRESH!

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