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Coconut oil and Agave

It is said the best way to learn is to teach.
There are things that I kind of know about health and why I cook and eat the way I do. But when someone asks me why, I want to be able to answer with facts. And so, the fruits of some of my research courtesy of grainmix.com. (By the way their website has great prices on both coconut oil and agave. You can also find great deals (and free shipping) on Amazon.com.)

Why Coconut Oil?

Canola oil was the oil we used for many years. We heard it was good for you because it was polyunsaturated. The oil in meat is a saturated fat and the cause of many health problems. The problem with canola oil is the toxins. It comes from the rape seed plant. I have seen them growing in Canada. In order to make it edible the company has to process it to remove the toxins. It still has many toxins. When it reaches the body temperature the toxins are worse. We studied this and came to the decision to change our cooking oil. When Faye stopped using canola oil she overcame many health problems. We have the studies and Faye's experience for our evidence. If you use canola oil, find a way to experiment and see how you feel with it or with the oil we recommend.

We recommend coconut oil for all cooking and baking. It is the most stable at high temperatures. It is even more stable than olive oil. Many years ago a scientist did a bogus study on coconut oil. He used the hydrogenated form and showed a high increase in cholesterol levels. The word got out that it was not good. When the scientists at Harvard learned that it was actually good for you the word was slow to catch on. Coconut oil does not have to be hydrogenated to stop rancidity. Although it is a saturated fat, it is actually very good for you. The medium chain fatty acids help the body use all other fats. It has lauric acid which is anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral. It is so healthy that it is being tested for the help with aids patients.

As an extra plus it actually makes foods better.
We sell it in the form that has no taste. It is naturally a solid in the winter and a liquid in the summer. It does not have to be refrigerated. It lasts for years. I use it in all the recipes that call for butter or vegetable oil. You will be amazed at how soft and tender the whole grain foods are when made with coconut oil.

You will be even more impressed with how you feel when you use it. You can go to tropicaltraditions.com to learn more. For cooking and baking use coconut oil. Make sure it does not get so hot that it smokes. This causes carcinogens in any oil. For salad dressings use olive oil.
  • Contains lauric acid also found in mother's milk
  • Anti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial for use against measles, common cold, influenza, yeast infections, ring worm
  • fights against herpes
  • protects against heart disease
  • promotes weight loss because it helps the body use all other fats
  • under investigation to see if it will help aids patients
  • seems to help thyroid
Why Agave?
(I personally prefer raw blue agave.)

Benefits of both White Agave and Xagave

Low on the glycemic index .The problem: sugar raises your blood sugar levels of insulin, a hormone that signals your body to stop burning fat, and start storing it. agave, a low glycemic index food (approximately 30), does not raise your blood sugar levels

Tastes like sugar

All natural nectar derived from cactus plant, not like splenda or other artificial sugar substitutes
  • Weight Loss and Management.
    Xagave saves calories in two ways: (1) it is sweeter than sugar therefore, you use less, thereby saving calories; and (2) it moderates blood sugar levels leaving you feeling more "satisfied" after consumption – so you eat less and feel more satisfied.
  • Improved Energy.
    Unlike sugar or high fructose corn syrup, Xagave will not "spike" your blood sugar levels and will let your body know that it is consuming calories. Xagave contains Fructose and Inulin that help moderate and manage consistent blood sugar levels. Eating regular small meals of low GI foods can provide consistent energy all day long without feeling tired or hungry.
Added Benefits of Xagave:

The Xagave was developed by a company because of their concern for diabetes in their family. They noticed that the blue agave had more inulin. The raw agave tastes better. They combined them to get the wonderful taste of the raw and the inulin from the blue.

Premium Blend.
Xagave is a special blend of the nectars derived from Agave Azul (Blue Agave) and Agave Salmiana (White Agave). It contains the inulin from the blue and the great taste from the white.

Low Glycemic Index.
The Inulin (a soluble fiber and probiotic), helps moderate blood sugar.

Xagave is grown in the rich, volcanic soils of Central Mexico. Xagave is a RAW product in that the nectar is processed at temperatures that never exceed 117 Degrees thereby retaining all its natural enzymes to help you digest it better.
  • Enhanced Immune System.
    Inulin, improves your digestive health by stimulating growth and activity of the good micro flora while inhibiting growth of bad bacteria in your intestinal tract. Studies have shown that daily consumption of Inulin may reduce frequency of fever, diarrhea and other illnesses. 70% of your immune system is located in the intestine. The carbohydrates in agave are not digested by the body, but used to feed the good bacteria in the intestine.
  • Improved Bone Density.
    Studies have shown that Inulin enhances calcium and magnesium absorption by as much as 20% and increased bone density by as much as 15%.
  • Improved Elimination.
    Studies have shown that daily consumption of Inulin improved both fecal weight and frequency of extrication. This is extremely important as once food is digested and makes its way to your gut, it becomes toxic. The quicker you get waste out the better and healthier you will be.
  • Diabetic Friendly.
    Consult your physician, but Xagave has been tested and has a GI level of about 30. This puts it in the low category and is considered safe for most diabetics.
  • Lowers Cholesterol.
    Inulin helps lower cholesterol
Directions For Best Results: Use Xagave instead of sugar, brown sugar, honey or other artificial sweeteners in your favorite recipes and save significantly on calories consumed. As a general rule, Xagave is considered to be 1.5 times sweeter than sugar and honey – so you use less than sugar and honey and save significantly on calories without sacrificing flavor. There is no "after taste" like artificial sweeteners or limitations on how or when you can use the product. With experience, you will be able to quickly make adjustments in all of your favorite recipes and improve their flavor over sugar.

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