Friday, March 6, 2009

A glimpse into my kitchen

I don't know why I didn't think of it before. My sweetest friend Ezzy made a request the other night as she, lovely Nae and I noshed Indian-style in cozy company. She asked for my grocery list! Her inquiry made perfect sense as soon as it parted her lips. When I look up recipes, I very often wonder, "Did they really have this stuff in their kitchen??" Most of the time with my recipes, the answer is yes- I keep it on hand. When you have a specific lifestyle you'd like to maintain, it helps to have the right stuff in your kitchen. So here is a glimpse into my kitchen and some tips as to how I make it easier for myself to make healthy eating feel indulgent and adventurous rather than stressful and unmaintanable.
As I begin this list, I am realizing this is going to have to be a series of posts. I don't always buy everything in every grocery trip, so we'll take it a bit at a time.
We'll start with a typical Costco trip. I have a family of 5 (my husband and I and 3 darlings). We go through a LOT of produce. Costco saves us. I do the bulk of my shopping there. This trip lasts us 2 weeks. We spend approximately $500/month on food. To us, totally worth it- very few trips to the doc and a life of feeling awesome most of the time!

~Whole wheat bread- 4- 5 loaves of locally made, real ingredient bread at just under 2 bucks a loaf. I put 4 in the freezer and keep one in the fridge at a time. Nothing ever goes moldy. We make a lot of peanut butter and agave sandwiches.
~Tortillas. I buy whole wheat and regular white flour. Again- if I'm not sure we'll get through them all, I freeze some.
~Red potatoes (if I'm out)
~Onions/ Garlic (if I'm out)
~Yams/sweet potatoes (whenever they have them)
~ Avacados (when in season)
~Roma tomatoes
~Apples (we like gala and fuji)
~Pears (if they have good ones and are in season)
~(in the summer) Nectarines or peaches
~Bananas (one pig bunch that is fairly ripe and one that is still fairly green) If they start to get too ripe near the end, I slice them onto a cookie sheet, freeze them and then keep them in a ziploc in the freezer for smoothies.
~Clementines (when in season)
~Romaine Lettuce hearts
~Flat Leaf Spinach
~Broccoli Florets
~Red peppers (or mini mixed peppers)
~Baby Carrots
~Baby bella mushrooms
~(in the summer) Fresh Pineapple and/or Mangoes
~Frozen strawberries
~Frozen Blueberries
~Frozen fruit mix (Spectrum Blend is what they carry at my costco- peaches, white peaches, pineapple, honeydew melon, blueberries and strawberries)
~Frozen sweet corn
~Frozen green beans (if I'm out)
~Frozen Stir Fry mix (if I'm out)
~Frozen fish (Salmon, Mahi Mahi, Shrimp whatever is cheapest- these big bags last us a while in the freezer. I usually buy one every other shopping trip.)
~Mozzarella cheese (separate itinto smaller ziplocs and freeze them so they last a long time. Again, probably every other shopping trip)
~Fresh Pressed Apple juice
~ Concord Grape Juice
~ Rice milk (one box lasts us months)
~ One favorite fairly healthy cereal- Cheerios, autumn wheat or flax plus granola (every other shopping trip)
~ organic Peanut Butter (every other trip)
~ Raisins (the Costco pack lasts us months) or Craisins
~ a healthy-ish cracker/chip snack (gotta have snacks)
~whatever canned stuff I need to stock up on (beans, tomatoes, etc...)
~ vegetable stock (if they have it) or organic chicken broth (sometimes)

Coming soon: Things I keep on hand in the cupboard, freezer and fridge


Michelle said...

That's pretty much my list too! Did you notice that there are two wheat breads next to each other there and one has high fructose corn syrup and the other doesn't--tricky. I wish Costco had coconut milk; that's something I would like to buy bulk. Thanks for posting! and for the Holy Basil!

Cat said...

I love your frozen banana slices idea! I need to do that sometimes. Usually I just make banana bread when the bananas get over-ripe. :)