Friday, January 15, 2010

Try, try again! Cloth Diapering-Take 2

When I was pregnant with my first daughter (my third child), I became interested in cloth diapering. I researched like crazy and came to ambitious conclusion that I would make my own all-in-one waterproof cloth diapers. I spent the money to order all the special makings. I got to cutting and sewing and only got 6 made. I used them here and there, but ended up with not enough time or energy to finish the rest of them, and was still reliant on disposables. So much for saving us money! I still have stacks of fabric waiting to be used. Now that girl #2 is on the way (less than 5 1/2 weeks left!), I find myself researching again. And coming to a similar conclusion- I want to cloth diaper. I like the environmental side of it. I like the money-saving aspect. I like the health aspect of it. I am however, much more realistic about my time and energy limits in raising 4 children. I have therefore just dropped $350 on a marvelous little bumGenius one-size cloth diapering kit! I am so excited! (And slightly nervous.) It's official- I am cloth diapering this baby. With the one-size diapers, they should last me a full 2 years or more (and if she's anything like my other girl, she'll be potty trained long before that). And if needed I should be able to supplement with the homemade diapers that I have. Wish me luck!!


Erin said...

You can do it! We have been cloth diapering baby #1 off and on and will likely to so more fully with baby #2. More power to ya! :)

Morgan Familia said...

Good luck! I know you, when you are motivated, you are unstoppable!!!