Monday, July 28, 2008

Homemade cloth diapers

I'm in DIY mode. I'm finding better ways everyday. The new plan- homemade cloth diapers.
Even I though I was crazy at first. Then at a family reunion I approached the most natural DIYer in the family- my cousin's wife. She's a homebirther, a babywearer, and- it turns out- a cloth diaperer. My hero. I knew if anyone would be doing it, it was her.
She makes the coolest cloth all-in-one diapers I've ever seen and by the end of our conversation I was totally confident in my ability to do this. Turns out tons of moms to it and love it. My fabric is on it's way. PUL is the key (palyurethane laminated fabric). Not only easy, but WATERPROOF and fully machine washable! I can't wait to start sewing. I have my suede cloth inner linings all cut out. I'm using burley-knit terry as soaker pads and I've even got a great little recipe for cloth wipe solution. All of the fabric and notions cost me about $140 for about 36-40 diapers. And since little baby A is already into a medium size, they should last me into potty training.
It makes me feel good that I'm saving money and keeping that many more diapers out of landfills- plus its healthier for my baby!

Edit: I've been asked for more specifics...
Patterns and supply lists here:
Best prices here:

I'll be doing a load of diapers every 2-3 days. Which leads me to my next bw epiphany... homemade laundry detergent. Recipe to follow.

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